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Borrowing is the new shopping. In Helsinki we have a new ecological fashion concept called Vaatelainaamo (Engl. Clothes Borrowing Service). Many of us have pieces in our wardrobes that we use maybe once a year or it is something we impulse bought but ended up never using.. Borrowing them to friends will increase the usage times of our clothes and accessories and decrease the need to buy new. Therefore it is one of the most ecological ways to consume fashion. Materials manufacturing and production is zero and logistics at a minimum because it is "local" consumption. The only real effect comes from cleaning the piece. Vaatelainaamo has collected the pieces from various sources. Some are from local fashion labels and designers, showrooms, wardrobes of stylish friends and some lovely vintage pieces. They carry clothes for any occasion weather it is a party, a first date or just a regular sunday. The concept is simple. Pay a biannual fee of 75 euro and you can loan as many garments as you like. The standard loan time is one month. It is also possible to purchase all the pieces if you want them to be yours for good.

These labels you can find in their collections:
Ainokainen, Antti Asplund, Camilla Mikama, Deadbirds & Lionheart, Diesel, Fiona Timantti millinery, First Crush, Hanna Sarén, Iloa, Ivana Helsinki, Jenni Alava, Kirsi Nisonen, Kaksitvå, Minna Parikka, Mirkka Metsola, Miun, Month of Sundays, Piia Hänninen, Pisto, Poola Kataryna, Tyra Therman.

I´m challenging all my readers to create their own Clothes Borrowing Service.
The easiest way is to make it to a blog based website. Create the blog, post images (with size details and measurements) of all the clothes and accessories you have that you can loan, spread the blog link in Facebook. Friends can look up your selection online and contact you when they would like to borrow something from you. It is a good idea to take the pictures when you are wearing the garment so the shape of the clothes is seen better. Start up also a Facebook page that is linked to the blog so people will be updated on what´s new.

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  1. This is such a great idea, will try it out with close friends first :)