Margiela inspired DIY painted jeans

Maison Martin Margiela white paper jeans 9

Back in 1993 when I was 16 I painted a teddybear and a dish washing brush with white ceiling paint, because I thought they looked boring. Sunflowers and the rave generation were in fashion and everybody was listening to Moby and wearing colorful fake furs and plastic. The teddy lost all it´s softness and the brush I framed on my wall as art. A feminist collage I called it. They looked so cool to me, like a works of real art. My friends thought I was crazy. Luckily it turned out I wasn´t, I just had a quirky sense of humor.. I did not know then that in that moment I had discovered trashion.

I love Martin Margielas style to paint everything white. Not too exact.. but almost. The painted surfaces are then distressed in different ways to add wear and life to the project. For summer 2010 he introduced "paper" like painted shoes and pants in his collection. Very high fashion, very chic. And still very in...

This project is another great fashion DIY tutorial by Love Aesthetics aka Ivania Carpio. Here the jeans are just worn, so the white paint cracks up nicely. You can use this technique also on denim jackets, t-shirts, hats, shoes, bags, basically anything. If you don´t want the paint to be too hard, water it down a bit before painting (has to be water based paint).

The paint will crack up and small crumbs fall off so make a note of it where you sit while wearing these so you don´t leave a white dusty mark on someones couch..

Maison Martin Margiela white paper jeans 4 Maison Martin Margiela white paper jeans 10 Maison Martin Margiela white paper jeans 2 Maison Martin Margiela white painted sneakers 2 Maison Martin Margiela white painted sneakers

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Great tutorial! Ivana is really creative :)

  2. Great! I really like it :)

  3. Hi. Love your blog. 2 questions: how will clothes died in water based paint react to rain? And won't one be lieving dryed paint crums everywhere once he she will do the dyi and will start sporting it?

  4. Viktorija. After the paint has dried well, a normal rain does no harm. But a shower will for sure be bad, so of course these clothes cannot be water washed.. The paint crums are very propable. I just did my first tests on this today. I´ll let you know how these painted clothes worki real life.

  5. You should do this project with latex paint. It would not flake and would be washable.