MOO business cards giveaway!!


I have used MOO-cards as my business cards for years, ever since I found them via Flickr and loved them. You can have any image you like printed onto the cards. Make the perfect to-remember-you-by in business and crafting world. MOO gave me 3 sets of 100 business cards to give to you guys. So.. All you need to do is to become a fan in OutsaPop Trashion Facebook group and post on the wall the image you´d like to have printed on the cards. I´ll randomly select the three winners in two weeks time.

Good luck.

Photos via and via.

moo cards 007 MOO business-card MOO mixtape

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hi I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  2. Hi! I liked your page as Katarina Stimac and I am also following you as my blog page La Passion pour la fashion.
    I am looking to make my first business cards for my blog, so fingers crossed that I win this I need it badly! :)

    La Kat

  3. ohmygosh this is so cool! love these, definitely entering :)

  4. The winners are: Kasia Kita Madry, Lili Tóth and Mariann Lévai. They have been notified via Facebook. Congratulations!!