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Leg thigh holster 1

So last night I went out. No biggie, just a regular Sathurday. Until I noticed that my bus ticket was gone... That´s 3 weeks of travel time and 20 euros lost faster than you can say "another beer". Recently I have started leaving my handbag at home and just taking the essential with me to bars/clubs. This includes iPhone, credit cards (in holder), some cash, keys to my house, lipstick/lip balm, cigarettes + lighter and the darn bus ticket. Let´s just say that I´m traveling really light. I noticed that I can fit all of this to my pockets if I´m wearing my trusted vintage leather jacket with a breast pocket. But when I´m not, I´m carrying the whole lot in my jeans pockets and in my hands... I still found it to be better than having a handbag with me. It just does not suit my weekend style anymore and is a pain in the butt if you fancy going dancing hands free.

Anywayz, after losing my travel card I had to evaluate the whole situation in storing things on my body when going out. I while ago I saw a hand made leather leg holster bag in Etsy and it looked super cool. Just big enough to fit my phone, cards and other small stuff I´d like to keep in sight but not carry. With the strap around your leg it is also way much better to go dancing with than a bag. Body harnesses have been a big accessory trend lately and I see these leg holsters to be the next evolution phase from that. The best designs are made so that you are able to modify the style to be worn either on your leg or on your torso. Like those legendary mobile phone shoulder holsters back in the 80´s yuppie days. The available styles vary quite a bit in style and size, just like in hand bags. I could imagine leg holsters being the perfect accessory to bring with you also while traveling and to festivals.

I could not find a perfect design for me on Etsy´s selection as most have decorations on them and some are a bit too bulky for my taste, but I´m definitely taking these pictures to a friend of mine who works with leather to see what she can come up with. My ideal holster would be quite thin and a simple design with maybe a few rivets and straps. Feminine design and stylish enough not to be mistaken for a bum bag.

Leg holster bags Etsy Treasury holster shoulder bag piton pleather 2 Side Arm Holster by Fig3Leather Etsy 2 Jungle Tribe Miss Money Penny Leg Holster 6 Mobile Phone Thigh Holster 1 Wild Card Samurai Leg Holster 1 Jungle Tribe Miss Money Penny Leg Holster 3 Jungle Tribe Miss Money Penny Leg Holster 2 Skin Graft Garter Belt 1

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  1. these are amazing!

  2. the whole concept of practicability comes up on some of my favourite blogs lately (i like it!).
    i think i might need one of those holsters as well actually.
    oh and that should be one "s" in bus :)

  3. freaking sick! i would feel so badass on a night out with that! check out my latest customized jacket DIY i did!


  4. Oooooh! I am SO excited to see that people have actually made these! Ever since I saw Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII wearing one, I've wanted to make one for myself. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  5. Really original!!!