How-to: 40´s scarf Rosie the Riveter hair tutorial

Blogistania TV-shoot. Photo: Viivi Lehtonen YLE TV2

Scarfs and Rosie the Riveter styled bandanas are my newest weapon against bad hair days. If you don´t have a scarf or cannot find the right color in any secondhand store, you can make one by cutting a similar sized square piece from your t-shirt. Jersey works as well as satin/silk but is less slippery on your head. Just make the curl in front (if you don´t have bangs), pin it and tie a scarf around it. My hair is pretty short in the back so I just do the front curl, but below you can find two videos on how to work scarfs on longer hair. I love to combine this 40´s scarf look with some fake gauge earrings to make the look more rockabilly. Here´s How to tie a 40s headscarf tutorial by Vixen Vintage and a few how-to videos from YouTube.

Blogistania TV-shoot. Photo: Viivi Lehtonen YLE TV2 Rosie the Riveter We can do it Rosie the Riveter

40s hair scarf Vixen Vintage

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i love this! cant wait to try !

  2. very cute! Wish I could pull it off

  3. really nice! I think I will try it!

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