Delish trashion

OutsaPop Trashion making of book

Last sunday we shoot the second editorial to my upcoming book. This one took place in an all night mini market Delish (much like Seven Eleven). Under the fluorescent lights our trashion heroine was on its way home from a party looking as dashing as ever. Fiona worked my dresses so that people passing by were gasping for breath. See what I mean..

Thank you Fiona, Milja, Aino-Sofia and Mikko for an hotness filled Sunday evening!

OutsaPop Trashion making of book OutsaPop Trashion making of book

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. love it! :)

  2. wow! i love the pictures!

  3. oh my god I love what she is wearing! Will there be tutorials for the whole outfit in the book? I think then I definitely need that book! Do you already have a release date?