D&G Summer 2012 scarfs galore

D&G SS2012 7

D&G had their Summer 2012 womens and mens collections refashioned with classic silk scarfs. Basically what they did was to replace a part of an garment by sewing it from scarf satin. Def DIY for next summer. But I´m not in a hurry. It´s still 3 months to spring and today it was -15 Celsius outside. Freezing.

Photos via LuisaViaRoma and Style.it.

D&G SS12 scarf denim shirt 4 D&G SS12 scarf denim shirt 5 D&G SS12 scarf denim skirt 1 D&G SS12 scarf denim skirt 2 D&G SS12 scarf denim skirt 3

D&G SS2012 36 D&G SS2012 43 D&G SS2012 32 D&G SS2012 28 D&G SS2012 20

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. D&G has amazingly distinctive scarfs! Love them!


  2. absolutley love this collection!

  3. I love these scarf shoes :)

    Kisses from Slovakia:

  4. i like the scarves and the denim garments with bits of scarves on them, but do not like the dresses and skirts. they will onlu look perfect on really skinny women. anyway, thanks for sharing!! xx
    Alice Barton: The Mow Way