Ida Johansson – Intergalactic Intestines (and a small photoshop tutorial to match)


Here are some pictures of Ida Johansson, a Barcelona-based Swedish designer, who´s summer 2011 collection is called “Intergalactic Intestines”. It is the result of her collaboration with musican Nina Kinert. The knitwear is made with multicolor yarns in starlight colors, hippie chic of the 2010´s. The shiffon dresses hand printed in spotted patterns and misty colors. Breathtaking.


The collection is beautiful, but what stroke me the most is the photography. New wave hippie chic and spirituality is a continuing major trend in fashion (which I usually try to stay clear off). But this double layered photography and candy colored shots just works! I can´t deny how gorgeous it is.

So if you´re looking to make some good and inspirational shots for your blog or Etsy shop, explore this option. You should be able to source high resolution images of stars, galaxies and nebulae (stardust) easily online. Just remember to credit the original photographer when you publish them. Here´s how to do it:

1. This is what I started out with, a basic photo (by Stella Harasek, my Lita shoes) and a nebulae photo (astro photos by Jason Ware from

Galaxy effect step 1

2. Lighten down the original photo.

Galaxy effect step 2

3. Choose the area what you want from the nebulae photo (rotate if necessary) and copy-paste it on to your original photo as a new layer. Scale the nebulae layer to match your orignal image size.

Galaxy effect step 3A
Galaxy effect step 3B

4. Go to Layer -> Layer Style -> Blending Options and push down opacity to make the nebulae layer more transparent.

5. Copy the background in your original photo and paste it to make a new layer. Delete all things on the background so the only thing left is the focus product or person. Hide other layers while deleting to make it easier to see what you´re doing.

Galaxy effect step 5

Ok, I did this in like 2 min, but just think what you can do if you add softening filters and spend a little more time playing around with it. Hope you get the basic idea.

Galaxy effect step 6

This image I made with two separate layers of galaxy and nebula photos.

Maripaita mustavalk B galaxy

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. this is frickin' RAD! I'm 80's California I can use RAD! Great job. I love how you make things seem so easy and effortless. I need to dig into photoshop...the possibilities seem endless.

  2. love it!

    mic X