DIY Lace Briefcase

D.I.Y. Lace Briefcase 1.jpg_effected-002

Old 80´s briefcases are something that most of us just pass by at the fleamarket. Maybe we should not..
D.I.Y. Lace Briefcase tutorial by A Beautiful Mess.

D.I.Y. Lace Briefcase 2.jpg_effected-001

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Like to see this. I like lace also. See my blog if you want. Nice eevening!

  2. I have been LOVING briefcases lately. I think they are so retro-classy. The lace is such an unexpectedly elegant touch. I adore it!
    Check out my DIY style blog:

  3. One of our fascinators will fit perfectly this this style!

    Santirso Pasión & Crown Princess Victoria <3
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    Victoria loved it and promissed to wear it!
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