DIY paint effects - rust surfaces

DIY rust effect painted bolts

One key thing of crafting is to take a known crafting technique and use it on something unusual. I have a new job in visual merchandising, so I´ve been reading a lot lately on special paint finishes. It just occured me today that you guys can also use these special paint effects on jewelry and other smaller pieces of fashion to make them look very different from the origibal wooden, plastic or cheaper looking metal surface. But just think of all the possibilities! Rust treated studs, safety pins, chains, bracelets, rusted 80´s digital watches, bolt jewelry and so on. These paints are designed to stick to almost any surface which makes them supereasy to use. Maybe even try it on your vintage leather bag, shoe heels or use it to pimp up your computer screen Steampunk style. These effect paints also have options for copper treatments, cement and other stone surface eccets. Some paints can be found from hardware stores but also look into craft shops and car paint shops. I thought there is really no point for me to recommend any particular paint labels to you since I have readers from so many countries that most of you are propably not able to source them.

Rusted necklace By Jeans Jewelry & Things.
DIY rust effect painted necklace 2

DIY rust effect painted bolts 2
DIY rust effect painted watch

Here are some tutorial videos I found on YouTube to show you how these special effect paints work:

Outi Les Pyy

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