Buffalo platforms by Moonspoon Saloon Fall 2011

Moonspoon Saloon FW2011 shoes 3

Coline Bach wrote it best in her blog:

"I already told you a bit about it there and Dora also mentioned it, but a few days ago, when I saw them popping up again in my mail box I realised that it would have been a big mistake to not talk about it properly here. What am I talking about? The Buffalo platforms of course ! Ok ok, I know already that all my french friends roll their eyes when I pronounce the name of the famous platforms whereas my british friends would go absolutely WILD for it. My dear Parisan ladies, it's official, London loves Buffalos. So when them come out pimped like in the delicious extravagance of an acid trip by Moonspoon saloon and shot by Hasse Nielsen for Cover Magazine, we can't deny it anymore: those shoes are utterly cool. Or is it the styling of the shoot that is genius ? I don't think so. All the dynamic of this shoot is based on those mental shoes. MEN-TAL."

Agreed. Even though the last time anyone has worn them we were all listening to Spice Girls... Oh the times. So if you happen to stumble upon these at fleamarkets, I say get them and spray paint them. These platform sneakers are the shit right now.

Moonspoon Saloon FW2011 shoes 4
Moonspoon Saloon FW2011 shoes 7
Moonspoon Saloon FW2011 shoes 5

Outi Les Pyy

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