I love to make fun of fashion because it is just so silly

Marloes Horst by Marc de Groot for Jackie September October 2010

And here´s one way to wear a knitted body, with a ruffled skirt and 60's styled do. The body could be reconstructed from a (1x1) wool sweater, sleeves used to make the gathered shoulder straps and a piece of silk or satin for the top fold. The body top can be sewn onto a pair of your old bra to make it more wearable and confortable. The skirt can be refashioned by cutting an 70's secondhand A-lined maxi skirt to half and the sewing a gathering thread to the top of the bottom half. The top half can be then used to make the waist band.

Photo Marloes Horst by Marc de Groot for Jackie September, October 2010. via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I have that skirt! Got it from the $5 clearance rack at H&M last year.

  2. Thumbs up.And I love your head line on this blogpost.

  3. I adore Mad Men. This look is just too hot. I want my hair like that.

    And thank you for the tips on how to make a knitted body suit. Here in Australia we're just coming out of winter, so I'm jealous y'all can start wearing beautiful sweaters and coats and I have to start putting them away.


  4. I love this outfit and the contrasting cool red of her hair with the blue of the outfit makes it that much more divine!

  5. i love her attire!!! this makes me wish i was a read head xxxx