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DIY recycled pallet fair sales stand display 1

When you go out at fairs to sell your handmade goods, make sure that also your sales stand is top notch. But it does not have to cost much money to make it, just the time and effort. If you make stuff from recycled materials, maybe your sale stand should be done with the same principle. Here are some ideas.

These trashion sale stands and displays made from scrapwood pallets and cardboard. Paint them white or black for a cleaner look. Via CMRTYZ.

DIY recycled pallet fair sales stand display 3
DIY recycled pallet fair sales stand display 2

Pallets can also be used as trashion shoe shelfs.

interior inspiration 764

Hangers can also be made from cardboard. See my Idol-hanger tutorial for instructions. If you use regular hangers, the hanger "wire" could be made using hanrdware store chain. This way the wire can be attached diagonally and the hangers will not slide from their loops.

Trashion hanger Kate Moss Johnny Depp 1

Shop name could be made from recycled clothes stiffened to form letters.

interior inspiration 518

Painting frame pieces (painted to match wall color?) and doll parts nailed to the wall as wall shelf displays for jewelry and bags. You can also just use long nails as hooks.

Painting frame wall shelf display 1
Painting frame wall shelf display 2
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  1. sweet blog, i really wanna make something now :)


  2. This was a great post thank you. I am hoping to have a booth come spring and these are some fabulous ideas!

  3. Love the use of pallets! how clever. :)

    Thera Joyce

  4. This is my favorite outsapop post so far. I LOVE this. LOVE.