The Ultimate DIY Competition

Do you live and breathe fashion - and how to get it for less? Do you often find yourself crafting the looks you see on the runway, in street style photos, and in stores? Do you have creative ways of cutting corners and re-creating, modifying, upcycling, re-fashioning, embellishing, and distressing pieces to create items all with your own personal style? If so, we want to see what YOU can do!

Enter an original DIY project - made entirely by you - in The Ultimate DIY Competition! The theme is "Inspired DIY" - and you need to submit a photo of your inspiration (a designer garment, an item you've seen on someone, a beautiful photograph of nature, an illustration or piece of artwork etc.) AND create something based on this photograph. Submit at least 2 photos of your project during the creation process, write the step-by-step tutorial to share with all, and finish off with at least 2 photos of your final DIY piece! Make a Wearable (item of clothing), piece of Jewelry, or an Accessory, for anyone, any age. Five fashion Bloggers at the forefront of the online DIY style movement serve as the Judging panel: Carly J. Cais from Chic Steals, Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking, Tessa Stephensen from Apparellel, Maegan Tintari from, Maegan, and me. One Winner in each category will be chosen - and we've got some great gift certificates to online craft and DIY materials stores as prizes! Encourage your friends and family to "Heart" or "Like" your project too - the project with the most "Hearts" + "Likes" also wins a gift subscription to VenusZine! Submission period opens today, at - so get those glue guns out and get crackin'!

Submissions close Sept. 5. Winners announced September 15, 2010. Competition open worldwide, to anyone over the age of 18.

Check out The Ultimate DIY Competition homepage for the Official Rules, and follow to stay in the know. In the meantime, start DIY'ing and getting those projects ready for submission!

Good luck!!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. YES I'm so going to enter this! Thanks for telling us, I know you'll be a great judge ;)