Secondhand styling ideas at online vintage shops

I´m not a very good stylist. I know a stylish combo when I see one, but if you give me 10 pieces of fashion and tell me to make 100 stylish outfits out of them, I´m lost. Fashion magazines have pro-styling in their editorials, but I find them sometimes hard to implement in real life because the clothes featured in the magazine are always from the new collections. Online vintage shops are just great for secondhand clothing styling ideas. They feature items that you can find from your local thriftstore at nice´n´low thrifty prices. Nasty Gal and theURBANcollection online vintage shops are my favorites. They update the selection frequently and always with fresh styling ideas + they show also sold items. I mostly browse through their pages to see how they have combined different clothing and accessories that I have come across on my thrift adventures. You know, like "how to style those 80´s Cosby-sweaters everyone else seems to hate". And if you do find something awsome that you´re sure cannot be found from your local store, you can always buy it then and there. I highly recommend this styling-method to all of you "that would wear more secondhand but I never seem to find anything cool at thriftstores". Secondhand shopping is like anything else, practise makes perfect.

NASTY GAL online vintage shop and blog.

theURBANcollection online vintage shop and blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. That's a great idea to show outfits put together from vintage items. Buying vintage can seem a daunting task for those who are new to it...just be patient and you will put together a winning combination!