Inspire and be inspired.

This is what it´s all about. "Inspire and be inspired." I´ve originally started this blog to share people and projects that inspire me and make tutorials of everything I make to help others in their crafts. The best thanks I can get is when someone uses my how-to´s to create something gorgeous for themselves or get´s new ideas on stuff I have posted. I was thrilled to find this beautiful zipper roses hat made by Caity this morning. And this dress decorated with neckties by Calamityjem. If you have a project that you have done using my tutorials, let me know! I´d love to do a post about it. As I have stated before I hope to encourage everyone to do more crafts and DIY projects. To support sustainability and to create their own unique crafts. There´s nothing like handmade.

To find out how this is done, go to my zipper roses fascinator tutorial on Cut Out and Keep craft communty.

To find out how these are done, go to my Necktie Feathers tutorial on Cut Out and Keep craft communty.

Outi Les Pyy

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