DIP London cut´n´tie tees

D.I.P London has launched a collection at Topshop. "Each piece is individually worked, meaning no two pieces are the same. A beautiful vest has a dramatically cut-away back while slashed jersey tees and an ink-splashed dress have a raw and rebellious quality. A black rayon jersey dress with hand bugle beaded shoulder detail and a silver habotai silk dress and a black habotai silk top are embellished with delicately elegant cobweb embroidery." Of course you can go out and buy these, but this technique is just 1-2-3 simple to make on your own. The last time I´ve seen cut´n´tie technique it was done by Jean Paul Gaultier back in 2001. I´ve loved it since so in a way I´m happy someone introduces it again. I´ll try to make you guys some how-tos during the next week.

Jean Paul Gaultier SS2001 collection

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I like this cut & tie technique, but I think it goes back futher, to the late 70's or early 80's. Not positive, but I seem to remember seeing it. Whatever, I'm glad people are doing it again, and in such a sophisticated way.

  2. These pieces are amazing! Do you know where I can find instructions on how to do these cut & tie technique?

  3. This look like Hardanger gone wild - rather a neat treatment. So enjoy your blog. Jane

  4. this is wonderful. please please do a tutorial for us if you can. would be hugely appreciated.
    thank you.

  5. I join in the request, please make the tutorial!

    Btw, there's an award for you in my blog :)