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Reet Aus is an ethical fashion brand, designing and producing eco-friendly clothes and accessories. Every item is handmade in Estonia and refined right down to smallest detail. The brand has two lines: "Reet Aus Redesign" collection is made entirely of recycled materials. Redesign takes already used mass produced items and gives them new and unique look with high-class design. "Reet Aus Organic" collection is made of organic materials, that are grown without pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified. More photos on Reet Aus Flickr gallery. Wanna get some? Reet Aus also has an Etsy shop.

This eco-friendly collaborative label includes six designers whose designs are grounded in sustainability and community. Utilizing organic fibers, such as hemp, cotton and linen, and natural dyes, the Eko-Lab designers create a variety of sculptural looks by using the fabric like paper, folding and gathering, cutting and twisting, braiding and crocheting to make items that stray pretty far from what most think of as green garments. Their focus on community has sprouted an in-the-works project which will soon offer access to a NY-based fair-made facility where interested creatives can come to learn about crafting, dying, and screen printing.

2009 Eko-Laborative / organic fashion exhibition pictures.

Back in February, Liu received impressive accolades at London Fashion Week's Sustainable Design Showcase, Estethica. While his structural designs are edgy yet feminine enough to generate a fanbase on their own, what really pushed him to the next level is his Zero Waste process. The Central Saint Martins grad has developed a jigsaw puzzle-like way to cut his patterns so that the least amount of fabric is wasted - according to Liu, around 15% of fabric goes to waste when cutting and sewing a garment. In addition, he utilizes a screen print method that arranges the design on each pattern piece before it is cut, aiding his Zero Waste process.

Outi Les Pyy

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