In progress Trashion Xmass party dress

This thrifted 60´s dress has been hanging in my closet for two years. The neckties I´ve had for about a year. My office´s Christmass party is on Friday and i had nothing to wear. I never go out and buy something in this sort of situation, but I do think creatively in a panic. :) Inspired by the stylish tv-series Mad Men, I decided to restyle this old dress with a detachable necktie extravaganza (attached with safetypins). This will look great with some fishnets, high heels, satin gloves and screaming red lipstick. It is still far from finished, but I´m sure to get it done by Friday.

To see how the neckties for the shoulder piece is constructed, go to my Tie Feathers tutorial.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. that is so cool what you did with those ties. I have a bunch of old ties and never use them! Maybe I should use this as inspiration! thanks!

  2. You pieces are absolutely amazing.. I really mean it, absolutely stunning!!!!

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