Suits you Girl! A reconstruction by LauPre

Crafster hosted a challenge last December to buy something under 20$ and reconstruct it to something new. The winner of the "Super Ugly to Super Awesome" challenge is Sad Suit to Ruffle-y cute by LauPre! Once a sad, sad over-sized frumpy business suit, LauPre transformed it into a super cute and funky outfit! Fab job girl!!

Mens secondhand suits make perfect material for clothing reconstruction projects since they are easily available, usually cheap but very good material to easy to sew (most are wool and wool-mix) and work with. I have also made a dress from a suit (+ corset) and found it to be one of my favorite projects. LauPre also has a blog (and Etsy shop). Check out her tutorial on making buttoned spats/legwarmers.

Outi Les Pyy

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