Katharina Ludwig contemporary jewelry

Katharina Ludvig is a jewelry artist that I found recently through Bientot Demain blog. Many of her works are about the study of the jewellrys relationship with the body and how the pieces change when introduced to the elements.

The Organ Bottles
"The human body consists to over 70% out of water. The value of water lies in its necessity for the body and all its functions. The body is our most precious tool and we deal and work with it every day. The water bottles in the shape of inner organs, worn as accessory on the body, let you experience the weight and volume of water and remind you of the importance water has for your body." Organ bottles are made of: wool, aluminium dringking cap and silicon drinking pouch. I´d love this project even better if the wool would be organic (or recycled sweaters). But the design is stunning. To me these pieces are a constant reminder on how we should preserve water since our bodies cannot survive with out it. It also proves an another point in crafting, that if you need to make something look comfortable, just cover the whole thing with knit.

Ice jewellery
As a Finn I love ice. It has an organic texture that reclects light beautifully. These pieces made from metal (gold) jewellery chain/ring/earring base and ice. The metal base or chain is submerged in an ice-cude container and frozen. When the piece is worn it melts and therefore changes its shape until it is complitely gone. I concider this as the eco-lovers bling! These pieces are a perfect statement on global warming. The design is genious and simple DIY-project for home crafters (at least the necklace). And the best part is that it can be remade again and again. Always in a different and unique form.

Pigment shirts
Katharina has designed also tees that have small crums of pigment color added to them. Invisible to the eye until you pour water on the garment. A changing fashion art piece that would go perfectly with the ice jewellery!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. These are just so cool and amazing! The ice AND the pigment-colored t-shirts!