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Technology has gone supersonic in the past ten years. Our electronic devices expire faster and recycling centres are stuck with mountains of old computers, tv´s, dvd´s, phones, printers, VHS casettes and so on. Anyone who uses these discarded technologies as material for their projects or products is my idol. Geek-ware blog ("adventures of an e-waste recycler") is dedicated in finding new ideas and the people that gid through piles of computers and other tech-stuff to give them a new purpose or look. Artists have also come up with fab new inventions when studying our relationship with these everydaymachines. Recycle-retro-tech rocks!

Customizing your computer screen: Instructions HERE
How cool is this.. And did you notice the keyboard??

Recycling computer disks:

Floppy disc notebooks

Disc notebooks


Privacy-laptop sweater and other Body-Technology Interfaces.


Sheeps in technology heaven: Original post HERE

Outi Les Pyy

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