StyleBubble cut-out dress via Etsy Alchemy (made by Angie Montreal)

I rarely see an "fashionable" piece (that is propably designed only to be in magazine editorials), work in real life wardrobe. StyleBubble aka Susie Bubble seems to pull anything off! In March she was obsessed about these SS08 Acne and Comme Des Garcons "cage-dresses" and finally decided to go to Etsy Alchemy to get her own. I love the www for this sort of international connection! You´re able to send an open request on Etsy Alchemy on items that you´d like to have custom-made. Crafters look you up according to their field of expertice. The customer met her designer and Angie Montreal ( ended up making Susie her cage-dress. I think it turned out fantastic.

Read the full story from the dress inspiration to making-of and to pictures of the finished dress. And in case you have not read Susie´s blog, I recommend starting from the DIY expert section.

Outi Les Pyy

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