Spray painting shoes and making footwear accessories on TV1

I will be spray painting shoes and making footwear accessories/spats out of studds, leather and denim in the next episode of YLE Kirppis. It will air next Sathurday April 26th on Finland TV1 9.05 in the morning. I will get back to this spray painting shoes thing later on in April to show you more of my creations since many of you cannot watch the show. :)

Photo: Colodio at Flickr

Meanwhile check out my "Spray painting accessories tutorial" on Cut Out and Keep Projects. Or try Tutorial at Naughty Secretary Club and Teenfashion.about.com.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. pitääkin kattoa, se mini pätkä tän päivän kirppiksen lopussa vaikutti lupaavalta ;>