Trashion spring trend - Spats

I´ve always loved 20´s fashions and those Poirot-styled anckle-thingies called spats. A long time I thought they were just for guys but recently I have found many creative people that make them also for women. I made a spat-pattern for myself in 2 hours last weekend out of oven paper. I recommend making your own patterns because it is the only way to have them perfect. When the pattern is done, you are able to modify it by changing hight and fastenings. Incase you think they can be made in only one style, here´s some inspiration. I hope spats will be a big trend in footwear fashion this summer and next fall. So far it´s looking good.. At least thinks so.

Elizabeth Melinek takes spats design into new hights. Her brand Strumpets has a selection of gorgeous and feminine anckle fashions. Unfortunately you cannot buy these online, but they are available from many shops in over 12 countries.

POSSO The Spat is the first design project from POSSO by artists Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini. Their spat design style is modern and has loads of club-potential. If these are not THE thing in SS08 footwear trends then what are?

Spatterdash by Tallarida offers more classic ancklewear for women and men.

I love this piece of fashion because it can be worn with any kind of shoes. Depending on the design style it can be very (gentle)manly or ladylike. Like these victorian styled spats from Maide.

Or punkstyled with combat boots like these red spats by StraightRazorSlasher at Etsy.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love this post! (As always) I have recently been planning to make some spats for winter here from this pattern

    Now with everything you have here I have some excellent styling inspiration too. Thanks Outsapop!