Knitwear reconstructed from Preloved

Preloved has done some of my alltime favorite knitwear reconstructions in the past seasons. Their website is currently "under(re)construction" :) but they should be back up this summer. Here are some inspirational pics from their previous collections. This is the way knits need to be recycled! And notice that most of the pieces are created from diagonally/vertical cut pieces. They are much easier to sew together than a random s-seam...

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. upeita, mitenköhän onnistuis jos koittaisi itse tehdä...tulisi varmaan aikamoinen pollukka neule :>

  2. Luulen että näitä neuleita on ensin huovutettu hieman (pesukoneessa?) enne kappaleiden leikkausta. Materiaalin pinta on niin sileää. Huovutettu neule on helpompaa ommella.