Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

French fashion designer veteran Jean Charles De Castelbajac ("JC/DC" to friends) is known for his childlike basic-colored creations inspired by sports, pop-art, logos and animation caracters and other cultural icons. He loves wool, felt and sequins and a teddybear apphears in every collection - it´s his trademark. Castelbajac has a way to present humoristic details in his creations. One of his most known pieces is the teddybear-jacket and pants that Red Hot Chilli Peppers member Flea worn on one of their music videos in the mid 90´s.

For a few years he did not show any collections, but I´m happy to see he´s back! His olympic games inspired SS2008 collection had some amazing jewellry made from legos (check also collection details).

His collection images can be found from Runway shows (search Castelbajac) and Perfect inspiration if you´re into fabric printing, appliques, hats or making jewellry from toys. So get your legos and stuffed animals and go create some rad fashion pieces with smilies!!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Oh you are welcome!! your work is so inspiring!
    And I am glad that you find my blog interesting.