Fashion in a Style Bubble

This post is mayyybe a bit more on the fashion size than trashion but I just have to write about this girl, Style Bubble. She has the fashion blog I read most. Susie is a passionate blogger who has introduced me to several designers and who´s style I just adore. The thing is that when she sees something she likes, she makes it or re-styles it. And not always with a sewing machine.... Her blog is long but worth reading trough. She has given me so many ideas on how modifying my clothes, details and so on.

Like this ruffle outfit. "White felt ruffle attachment made for a jacket but worn as a scarf here, Collection Privee cream leather ruffled skirt, Topshop Boutique grey 'mille feuille' tutu, Topshop black PVC trousers, black patent ankle boots from Paris (forgotten the store!)". Magical. I especially love the color sceme from black to beige and white. The ability to style one garment to look so many different styles is just blows my mind.

Outi Les Pyy

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