Beyond Retro opening a store in Helsinki??

This is the best news gossip I´ve heard in a looong time! My favorite secondhand departmentstore chain Beyond Retro might be opening a store in Helsinki!! How cool would that be.

Beyond Retro has it all: tens of metres of stylish secondhand clothes accessories (all perfectly organized by style and color!), happy staff, groovy music playing and that lovely vintage smell when you step into the shop. Usually when I go thrift shopping I can just be happy if I find something similar to that I´m looking for (and that one is usually too small to fit me). But from Beyond Retro I have always found at least ten different choises. Plus a mathing leather bag and killer heels. All resonable priced.

I swear will give up normal clothing shops 100% if this store comes into town. It´s just that good.

And if you Beyond Retro happen to read this post: Add more shop-pics to your site so new customers can see how great your stores are!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Moi Outsa!

    Ma oon nahnyt sut Flickrissa, mutta en oo ennemmin huomannu sun blogia, joka on muuten tosi kool.

    Ja tietysti Suomeen tulee kaikkea kivaa just kun ma olen sielta lahtenyt.:))

  2. Kiitoksia. Ei tämä ole vielä varma. Mutta toivossa on hyvä elää. Ei se LA:kaan varmasti ole mikään paha paikka shoppailla secondhandia... :)