The art of shortening jeans - Bootcut

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How many times have you left a great looking, worn down pair of denim in to the shop because the legs are too long? I love denim and it kills me every time I see (an expensive) worn pair of denim shortened just by CUTTING them. I´ve been working with denim for years and shortened more jeans for my friends that I can remember. So far I have come up with about six dfferent ways to shorten them (depending on the fit, wash and style). Here´s the first tutorial for shortening abraded/washed bootcut jeans on Cut Out and Keep craft community. The basic idea is to be shortened with an "invisible seam".

Bootcut jeans cannot be shortened with a straight seam because the sewing lines are not the same length. In this tutorial you´ll see how to shorten jeans with a curved seam - no matter how flare legged your bootcut jeas are!

When you are done the jeans are about 3 cm (1/2 inches) shorter from the heel than in front, but they seem to be the same lentgh when you have the denims on. Except that the heel won´t slip under your foot all the time. :) Finally you have bootcut jeans that can be worn with flats and high heels. And nobody notices the extra seam in the bottom...

Outi Les Pyy

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