The definion of trashion

A lot of people have asked me what exactly is trashion. For many it is a term they have not heard before. This is how I define them. Trashion - The combination of the words trash and fashion. It covers all crafts made from recycled materials. Trashionista - One who makes their wardrobe, jewelry and accessories from secondhand and thrifted clothing and other recycled materials.

I stumbled upon this word in the beginning of 2005 on Plan B´s website (a recycle-project by Finland´s Recycling Centre). The word trashion was so genious that I thought it had to be adobted into DIY slang. And so it did. After I and PostScriptum started farming it in Flickr DIY groups and Pauliina founded Etsy Trashion StreetTeam it took a life of it´s own. Over a year ago one could find little over a hundred hits for the word trashion but today you can find over 73900 hits when googled.

Keep spreading the good word of recycling, crafts and trashion!

Outi Les Pyy

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