Great numbers makes art - the teabag dress by Ang

One of the major trashion discoveries I´ve made is understanding the power of great numbers... Allow me to explain. One used teabag is trash. One hundred teabags is art. ... Not art you say? Let me tell you a story. Angela Bright needed a teaparty dress. Most of us would have made an ordinary dress from fabric but she took the title literately and made a dress out of used teabags and coffee paniers. I know it sounded unbeliavable to me too until I saw the pictures in her Made by Ang set. This project is true trashion. So when you take a large number of almost any object you can create art.

Btw Ang´s Teabag dress won best in the Recycling category and Best In Show awards. Congratulations! You so deserved to win.

Outi Les Pyy

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