Goodone - reclaimed fashion design

goodone reclaimed fashion SS12 1

"Goodone is an award winning independent fashion label that reflects contemporary London through conscious, modern design. They believe that an intelligent approach to design should not only satisfy a hunger for new and constantly evolving concepts in style, but should also address the environmental impact of the fashion industry. They specialise in ‘up-cycling’; innovatively combining new British and sustainable fabrics with reclaimed textiles. Known for bold, colour-blocked styles, we have developed a design method which is informed by the use of recycled fabrics, but not restrained by it."

They said it. I love it. This is what recycle fashions should look like, all of it.


goodone reclaimed fashion SS12 2 goodone reclaimed fashion SS12

GOODONE FALL 2011 COLLECTION featuring reclaimed silks and leather:

goodone reclaimed fashion FW11

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i love that patched skirt! now following you. hope you can too.

  2. Nice DIY!

    Would you follow me?

    Thanks from Argentina!

  3. Wow ... great hair cut !!! Just looking for one to change the look!!!