Úna Burke sculptural leather

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Úna Burke is based in London, United Kingdom where all her collections are produced. She studied at London College Of Fashion. You can visit her NJAL shop here. Úna worked alongside designers Philip Treacy, Helen Cody, Edmond Chesneau and within the design teams of Burberry, Radley + Co, Michael H and Smythson. Having had her work discovered by incredible stylists Patti Wilson, Nicola Formichetti, Charlotte Stockdale and Robbie Spencer, Úna's leather body pieces have been photographed by legends Nick Knight, David Bailey, Francois Nars and Richard Burbridge. These obscure objects have appeared in the pages of Vogue Italia, i-D, Dazed and Confused, Arena and Numero and they have been borrowed and commissioned by fashion icons Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera among others.

"Spring/Summer 2011 sees the launch of Úna Burke’s first commercial collection of hand-crafted structural accessories. With her previous collection restricting the body in carcass-like shells, Úna uses her signature construction technique this time to examine and exaggerate the physical distortions of the human form. The collection includes several handbags and cinch-belts along with a number of her more obscure body pieces. Several are adjustable in size, often having alternative ways of wearing. Úna plays with the human form through her pattern cutting technique, taking the contour of one area of the body and then applying it to another area of the body. The inclination towards human distortion and disfigurement is the next step in Úna’s original concept of trauma; the event, the aftermath and the recovery, which was prevalent in RE.TREAT. This collection is consciously less restrictive and more accessible as the healing continues."

I´m sure very few of you could use this post for DIY purposes, but somethimes great work needs to be presented. Even if it were just to bring a smile or an ooh onto ones face.

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