Second hand trend - Sheer robes

Christeric robe 1.jpg_effected

One key piece this season is the sheer maxi length robe or a kimono jacket. You can make one from a secondhand 60's shiffon maxidress or a printed lingerie robe. Thrift stores usually have a wide selection of 60´s dresses and undergarments that can be cut open from the front and worn with a top and denim shorts. Like this one or this one this one for example. Sew hooks in front or a a ribbon that you can use to tie it up.

Christeric robe 3.jpg_effected
Christeric robe 4.jpg_effected
Christeric robe 5.jpg_effected
dreamdress sheer robe

Photos via Christeric.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hi there, loving the bottom one the colours are liked melting multi coloured ice-cream. If you get chance check out the designer handbags over on My Passport to Style made from vintage automobile fabrics! Sharon xx

  2. Cool. I liked it too.