Isabeau by Frank de Graaf

DIY My Little Pony styled hair dyes, fake hair decorated shirt collar and safetypin jewelry.

"Anarchist" / New Wave / Isabeau by Frank de Graaf.
Via Fashion Victims.

 Isabeau by Frank de Graaf 2
 Isabeau by Frank de Graaf 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Amazing. Your blog is so inspirating. I love to step by :-)

  2. ..wau..great...this hair reminds me on Black Porculain,the just her style.. :)
    and I like the necklace a lot.. :) gonna make it..
    love from Croatia.. :*

  3. My Little Pony is the perfect way to describe that hair! I almost choked on my tea.

  4. this ear thing is amaaazing <3