Zippers... again.

Seriously. I´m beginning to doubt my obsession with zippers is not within the "normal" limits anymore. You tell me. I saw these pumps on VenusZine and I just have to make these shoe-zip-accessories for myself. One zipper rolled up to a rose shape and fastened on the shoe with a elastic band (or something). To get that super sexy trashion pin-up look.

Shoe: Sydney Heel - Red
Brand: L.A.M.B. from

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Love these! I have a thing for red shoes and the zipper just tops them off!

  2. I know how you feel- I've become the same way about the scarves. But I think it's harmless!

  3. Hi there i've been following your super blog for quite a while and have been following your beautiful zip necklace creations. I think they are stunning. I also love the beautiful garments made from mens ties. You've opened my mind up! Thanks! Rianna Bethany xxx