Material samples to trashion mosaik

I´ve always said that a large quatity of anything will make great trashion. Material samples are great to use in your projects since they usually come in a variety of colors and they are usually about the same size. Depending on the material they can be used to create surfaces for home decor or mosaic-like details for clothing or accessories. If you see color samples in your local store, ask them when they will be thrown away and leave your number so you know when to collect them. Especially import companies (businesses that sell to retailers) have large quantities of material and color samples at their showroom that usually are tossed to garbage after the season is done. I´m sure most would be delighted to give them free to someone for reusing. I have collected seasons of leather belt sample pieces. So far I have not made anything of them but when I do I know it is going to be fantastic. I especially look forward to my collegues faces when they recognise the material :)

Snoogilypoof made this awsome floor remake by tiling it with 2500 laminate floor samples she had accuired from interior design and architect companies. Collecting material will not be a quick project but when you have enough the result will definately make it all worth wile!

Outi Les Pyy

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