Steampunk finger accessorie tutorial

Fall collections seen to be have a flair of goth this season. I´ve always wanted one of those claw-fingerjewelry thingies for myself but never found the right sort of style. Then I found this.. Steampunk finger accessorie tutorial by Robbtoberfest at Instructables that got him a first prize in the sites tutorial competition. Looks cool and is quick and easy enough for anyone to make with household items. "I use a touchpad GPS regularly at work and lost the pen stylus a long time ago; it was inconvenient anyway trying to hold the stylus, GPS unit, and drive an ATV at the same time. So I made some finger stylussss? Stylii? from old water jug handles for work. For this Instructable I added some extra parts for fun Steampunk styling." says Robbtoberfest. Handy, literately.

Outi Les Pyy

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