Trashion softies

Children need soft, cuddly funny toys. We all have our favorite teddy or doll still stored somewhere in the closet. I love toys that have personality (Bratz have no soul..) so I´m all for creating softies with character using fabric scraps and recycled clothing. Flickr has many groups for handmade toys, "softies" being one of them. Below pictures of "See-through Predator" and a few other softies by the fantastic Lizette Greco. She has developed a very intresting techique of transforming childrens drawings to 3D softies. What kid would not love to have their own design transformed to real life?? Simply genious.

Softie Monster by bbmarie.

Voodoo Marie softie by Junker Jane.

Shirt Bear Experiment by Penquin and Fish.

Handmade friends by Udder One.

Scrappies soft toys by Scrappy Nation.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. those are the CUTEST TOYS!! I esp like the one with the nearly clear belly and the other toys inside of it AWESOME!