Pattern Magic Vol 1 & 2

If you´re intrested in taking your sewing, pattern alternation and trashion projects to a next level I recommend buying these two books: PATTERN MAGIC and PATTERN MAGIC VOL 2 by Japanese Tomoko Nakamichi. They show methods to alter the basic pattern to create unique shapes. With well illustrated step-by-step lessons, it helps the readers to understand the pattern making. The books are written in Japanese (would any publisher care to translate these and get them printed in English..!) so most of us have only the pictures to go by. Thus you need to be somewhat familiar with pattern alternation to use this. Or if any of your friend are sewing trashionistas, this would make a terrific Christmass present. Read book reviews by Sweet Sassafras and Bits+Bobbins. For some reason I could not find this on sale from Amazon, but I did find it from I´m going to do some extra browsing there anyway since they seem to carry loads of intresting looking japanese craft books. I also recommend reading Sweet Sassafras post on How to buy Japanese craft books and visiting Flickr group Inspiring images from craft books.

Pictures from Bits and Bobbins, Clementine's Shoes, TinaTeaspoon craft books Flickr sets and Sweet Sassafras blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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