DIY Van Noten

We´ve all seen (and loved) the FW08 Dries Van Noten bangle necklace. JanaviNYC made her own version. I love the color composition. The best thing is that this kind of necklace can be changed to complement different colored and styled outfits! You can use bright colored plastic bangles for 80´s styled outfits and wood, metal and marocco styled bangles for hippie/folk styled outfits. Check out also JanaviNYC´s Scarf clothing set and Janavi Etsy shop. She has created all sorts of tops and dresses from vintage scarfs. My favorite is this oilpaint styled top made from Guggenheim Museum scarf.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I just noticed this- Thank you again, so much!!

  2. You are very wellcome! This necklace-project is one of my favorites. This was actually the photo in Flickr that lead me to your photogallery and Etsy shop :)