and Haute*Nature

I hate it when people refer to DIY goods and using recycled materials to be less "design" and beautiful than new/factory/massmade goods. I think giving an existing material a new function takes a lot more imagination and product development/design. It is the new challenge in product design! and Haute*Nature are some of my favorite blogs. They present a lot of superstylish products, art and other creations made from recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques. These sites have lead me to a lot of new designers and brands that are hard to find from the www just by googling. These blogs have really shown that recycled and sustainable can look fabulous.

Using and buying ALWAYS NEW is so last season.

Clothes-hangers collar necklace by Frederike

Hockey stick chair

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hi there! I just wanted to say that I love to see the results of your creativity and effort to recycle, as well as your wonderfull taste in fashion... Congratulations!!

    Lots of hugs from Lisbon, Portugal