Eco chic - the savvy shopper´s guide to ethical fashion

I found Matilda Lee´s Eco chic - the savvy shopper´s guide to ethical fashion last weekend from my favorite craft bookstore. I don´t read that many books (with no pictures..) but this blew my mind. I devoured this one in two days.

It is a very good cross section in today´s clothing and fashion business (everything from labour, materials, production, recycling...) and how it effects our precious planet and how to make your wardrobe more eco. I loved that it had a lot of actual numbers and figures but in a readable form plus great easy tips on how to shop greener. I think if one should criticise something they should also give an alternative. And this book did just that. Half of Eco Chic was about the problem and the other half about the solution. I also contained a lot of eco-brand names, organizations and other related info´s that I will check up later.

I thought I had a pretty good idea on how fashion should be consumed and how clothing recycling works, but apparently I had just scratched the surface. It raised so many questions and red flags in my mind about my own cosumption habits. Inspired by this book I have decided to take the Jill Danyelle pledge and attempt to make my wardrobe at least 50% sustainable this year.

If you buy one book this year, buy this. I will write some highlight from it later this week to give you a better idea on why I call this my new "shopping bible". You can buy a copy at or win one from a competition hosted by HERE.

Outi Les Pyy

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