The Compai ladies DIY revolution

You´ve seen their designs on the pages of publications like Vogue Italia, Glamour Italy & Russia, Venus, Velvet aso. They are the authors of "99 WAYS TO..." book series which are a must-have for any trashionista and DIY clothes customizer. They were also featured on the latest episode of Threadbanger, my favorite DIY show on the web.

Compai are sisters Faith and Justina Blakeney and Swedish fashion designer and illustrator Ellen Schultz. In 2005 the Compai ladies wrote, designed and self-published their first book “99 Ways To Cut, Sew, Trim And Tie Your T-Shirt Into Something Special”. After that came “99 Ways To Cut, Sew And Deck Out Your Denim” in 2007, and “99 Ways To Cut, Sew, Tie And Rock Your Scarf” will be released in March 2008. I have already ordered my copy of the new book to my local bookstore. I can´t wait to get it!

Compai also posts to Flickr and I was happy to see that they have contributed to my Flickr Trashionista group! If you have some the 99-books and you have made stuff from them you can post images of your 99ways-projects on Flickr Compaiprojects group.

Outi Les Pyy

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