Rosie Robinson´s painted jeans

Every once a while I strike gold while browsing through Flickr. This time it lead me to denim painting wizard Rosie Robinson. I think her painted jeans pictures found on her website speak for them selves. Amazing technique with fine taste in denim customizing. Some of these look so freaking fantastic that I do not know weather to wear them or frame them on my wall...

After graduating from Central St Martins in 2001 with a degree in Fine Art, she has been working on a accessories line, selling in independent shops in London’s East End. The core of her collections are revolving around her “sewing-drawing” technique. Machine embroidered, freehand drawn pictures on canvas or vinyl which are then made up into a range of utility bags and purses. The denims are custom made from recycled quality jeans (including Diesel, Replay, Energie, Levis and G-Star.).

And the best part is that these denim-art-pieces can be bought from her website (in requested sizes!!)and Ebay... But they are also a great inspiration for all you home-denim-painters. I wonder if she could customize a pair for me if I sent her one???

Outi Les Pyy

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