Organic vs. Remade clothing

I´ve been wondering a long time which is more ecological way to consume fashion, by customizing and buying remade or buying sustainable and eco-friendly products. My question was answered when I found this from in their QA column.

Question: What is more eco-friendly: recycling clothing fabrics to create a new fashion item, or buying something new that’s organic? Maybe I’ve asked you this before. I have an idea for making a particular style of clothes, but I’m not fluently knowledgeable about the fashion world. -Trudy

Answer: Hey Trudy! The quick answer: Reusing / recycling beats out buying new stuff pretty much all the time. The reason: New stuff inevitably takes more energy to produce — water, fuel, etc. — than reused and refashioned stuff. As Umbra at Grist points out: All textiles, as currently manufactured, require large volumes of water throughout the manufacturing process. Spinning, dyeing, weaving, scouring, sizing — all involve flushing the threads or fabric with water at one point or another, and often that water comes away contaminated with chemicals used earlier in the process.

Granted, you’ll be doing away with the chemicals if you stick to organic clothes — but these new clothes will still take tons of energy to produce. Besides, opting out of the excesses of consumer culture’s the new hip thing :P Of course, sometimes new stuff’s necessary! Used undies are generally not a good idea, for ex. But I always suggest that people try to get their clothing items used FIRST, then if that’s not possible, going for organic.

You asked specifically about making new fashion out of old clothes — which makes me think you might be interested in Armour Sans Anguish, a cute girly company that makes sexy new refashioned fashion. Check out their Golden Shirt Dress to the right, avaliable at my friend Summer’s store BTC Elements. Best thing about remade fashions: Your outfit’ll be envied, but no one’ll be able to copy that unique style.

Photos from Armour Sans Anguish

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Glad I could help! Good luck with your eco-fashion wardrobe :)