Jenni Vartiainen nails it

My my.. A trashionista´s Friday could not have started better then seeing the new video from Finnish superstar singer-songwriter and style icon Jenni Vartiainen. She has been working on a new album and I got a call from her stylist a few weeks sgo to contribute on the first singles video. The order was to do "something wicked from using nails". I love dressing up women in metal. Not the music genre, but actual metal objects. The timetable was quite tight, but when artists like her call, you just do it. We had a chat about the style and agreed on a spine-harness-thingie made from actual nails. Heavy shit, I tell ya. I went and got a kilo of nails from the hardware store, thick felt from the fleamarket and some elastic bands. It took me five movies to pin the nails on, 350 of them to be exact.

I love this type of custom orders. Things need to be unconventional, unique and big. I especially enjoyed making this as Jenni´s style is usually very classic, delicate and feminine so this was just the opposite. I love contrasts. When I finally saw the video this morning, I was so happy to get the call. The styling was just up my alley, dark and mystic with a strong female character. I especially enjoyed the hair wear. The team totally "nailed" it. :P

The first single is entitled "Junat ja naiset" (Engl. Trains and Women). You can listen to it at Spotify or iTunes or see the video from YouTube. Jenni´s album Terra is coing to be out October 4th.

Outi Les Pyy

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