Christopher Jaydon modern armor

I found Christopher Jaydon´s, an English fashion graduates and denim fanatics works on Pinterest while I was looking up treated denim fashions. They are quite striking. Historic tudorian forms destroyed and treated with punk aesthetics and denim techniques. I´m glad Vogue and Observer have also found him. (too bad they misspelled his name..).

I love finding people who share my love for denim, the blue crush. Denim is a material with many faces. Indigo changes with age like good wine. It can be manipulated, distressed and colored. Still it is very durable and feels like wearable modern indigo armor. You can find loads of it recycled and it is an easy material to start experimenting. 

Denim Collection Fall 2013
Photographer: Wyatt Harris
Make Up: Francesca Bartha
Model: Sally Grane

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Outi Les Pyy

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