DIY trend - patchwork denim

Good news crafting fashionistas! Patchwork denims are here to stay. They first appeared a year ago on fashion week street wear and this summer in mainstream fashion chains. Sounds passe? Well high fashion labels don´t seem to think so as many of them kept patchwork denims in their collections also for Fall 2013. And because I have a talent of spotting long term trends, I predict this will stay for even longer. I like it. I´d focus on the native styled patchwork patterns and techniques, may they be from North-America, Scandinavia or Japan.

Jen Kao had patchwork denims in her Fall 2013 collection. She is known for her clean designs and graphic cuts. I especially liked the dark denim patchworks. Runway photos via

Ashish Fall 2013 collection, via StyleBistro.

Photos via and via.

Outi Les Pyy

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